Bastille Day Breakaway

I have only just found this. After I wrote this in Martinique I broke my phone so couldn't post it. Having only just fixed said it is! Yesterday, stage 7, was Bastille Day. With Martinique being a French colony this was a big deal. It also happened to be a slightly easier day, 1,200metres … Continue reading Bastille Day Breakaway


Anatomy of a Photo: Pre Stage Shell

Have you ever got to the point where you are 6 days into a stage race and you contemplate getting a tow from the team car with a vine. I have. No one else probably finds this picture very funny, but it honestly cracks me every time I see it. I just find every part … Continue reading Anatomy of a Photo: Pre Stage Shell

Helping teammates and forming grupettos

So as some of you might know. I am now out in Martinique, racing a 9 day stage race. Here's roughly how the first few days have gone... Before that. It's hot. Don't mention my hair. The first stage was 125km on what here is "flat" terrain. There was more elevation than I do in … Continue reading Helping teammates and forming grupettos