National 25

Considering the week I’ve had. I will take this result. It isn’t the result I had been hoping for from this race as it has been a big target for me all year, but I gave it everything I had on the day and the power was not as bad as I was expecting. I … More National 25


So you may have noticed (you probably didn’t) I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few weeks. The truth is it has been pretty tough month for me now. Ever since finishing my heavy block of training and winning my first national title at the Circuit Champs, I’ve been faced with a lot of … More IoM!

CR Number 2

Heading over to the flat lands of Ely this weekend for the Ely 10mile TT. It was a course I hadn’t ridden before, but I’d noted down the course record, and believed it was achievable with a strong ride. The course started with a gradual ramp and then was flat and open there and back. … More CR Number 2

First CR!

I know I am posting this a little later than usual, but I was ill for the last 2 weeks, so life has been quite dull. But here is how my best weekend of the season so far went! Saturday – Stowmarket Hilly 20 TT – 1st & Course Record Another afternoon start, which worked … More First CR!

TT Bike Tinkering

Having been strangely ill now for the last few weeks with no real diagnosis I was really starting to lose my rag. For a full time cyclist, training is everything. So when you can’t train for any reason, let alone illness, it starts to get frustrating. The thought of, “its just a little cough, you … More TT Bike Tinkering