IMG_60732017 Race Bike: Bianchi Oltre XR4

Weight: 7.3kgs w/ race wheels – not bad for a big aero bike ah?

KMs: 1,500

Style: What you want a race bike to look like!

KOMs Gained: Already taken a few


Frame: Bianchi Oltre XR4 2017

Wheels: Vision Team 30s for training / ENVE SES 4.5s w/ Conti Competitions for racing

Gruppo: Shimano Ultegra & Stages PM

Finishing Kit: TEC Components Bar + Stem

Time Trial Bike: Specialized Shiv

Davey Jones

Weight: Good enough for hilly TTs

KMs: 450

Style: BAD ASS!

KOMs Gained: Already has a few to its name!

My latest purchase, and certainly my coolest bike to date. After following almost every bike for sale page in the country for months, this little gem popped up. Bargain price for the frameset and groupset, so i snapped it up. Only downside was a long old drive to Bristol to collect it. But it was 100% worth the trip.

Now i’ve spent a serious amount of time dialling in the position, and i have to say it’s pretty comfy. I feel at home in the time trial tuck, which i guess is quite strange. I’m hoping this bike will taste some success this year!


Frame: Specialized Shiv 2012

Wheels: Zipp Disc Tubular Rear & R-Sport Tubular Front/Enve 45mm Tubular/Tri-Spoke when i buy one

Gruppo: Shimano Ultegra w/ DA 55/42 Chainrings & Stages PM

Finishing Kit: Integrated Carbon Bars w/ 3T Ski Bar Extensions


Top of Col de Rates

 Training Bike: Pink Wheels

Weight: 8.5kg

KMs: 24,000

Style: Out-there, but LOVE it!

KOMs Gained: The odd one

Too me, Pink Wheels is still my first proper road bike. However, in reality the only remaining part from my original Orbea Aqua is the slim 2mm spacer positioned above the stem. Over the years it has been upgraded and adapted into what it is today. A mismatch of random parts that resembles a bike. The most iconic part being the ‘pink wheels’. They are American Classic Aero 420 2’s with special addition pink stickers, bought second hand from my local bike shop a few years ago now. They turn heads thats for sure, along with the pink bar tape to match. People seem to have a very marmite approach to it, although i believe the blue and pink works perfectly and i wouldn’t want it any other way!

Geared up for training now, however when it was in a previous form it was my race bike and got me my first race win. Because of this it will always be ‘my bike’ and hold a special place in my collection.


Frame: Orbea Onix

Wheels: American Classic Aero 420 2 Pink Edition w/ Conti GP4000ii

Gruppo: Shimano 105/Tiagra/Sora Mix w/ Stages PM

Finishing Kit: Pro PLT


Horny Tank: Christmas Edition

Winter Hack: Horny Tank

Weight: S#@t Tonnes

KMs: 11,000

Style: Old School / Muddy

KOMs Gained: None.

Firstly i shall explain the nickname. It is a Kona Honky Tonk, you see the connection? Possibly the only bike more bodgy than Pink Wheels…but that is what winter bikes are meant to be i guess?

The unsung hero that just keeps plodding on all winter without every breaking despite the abuse and lack of care it receives. It is your typical, proper, old school winter bike. Cheap as chips parts, that seem to not be affected at all by grit, steel frame for comfort and serviceable wheels with a reasonably high number of spokes. Although i am planning on breaking the winter bike rules by buying a new set of Mavic Open Pros built on Hope or Shimano hubs by the time next winter roles around.

Although they cannot be seen in this photo, the top tube is covered in stickers, much to Chapperz’s annoyance, but it can help for some moral on the darkest winter days.


Frame: Kona Honky Tonk

Wheels: Shimano r500 w/ Bontrager Tractor Tires

Gruppo: Shimano Sora/XTR/105 w/ Stages PM

Finishing Kit: 3T -17degree 13cm Stem with 36cm Deda bars

 ! M U D G U A R D S !